Andrew Littleton

Game Audio Designer and Engineer. Procedural Synthesis Researcher


"I believe the design process should be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved so I work very hard to remain positive and understanding of ideas as the universe grows and evolves."


Loyola University Chicago (2021) MS in Computer Science

Northwestern University (2021) MA in Sound Arts and Industries

VideoGame Audio Programmer

As a Programmer/Researcher

Experience developing systems for the Unreal Engine and Wwise. I have written audio data tools and study Procedural Generation applying to narratives and sound synthesis



As an Engineer

Experience in live performance and digital media. I have been audio engineering for video games within the Unreal Engine and Unity3D using Wwise. I am able to both program the engine implementations in C++ and the audio implementations in Editor tools as a Technical Sound Designer. The pairing allows me to be the flexible medium between an Audio Designer and an Audio Programmer




From designing for theatre to video games to broadcast media, I have covered the bases to ensure I can be effective in any medium I design for. Specializing in non-linear audio designs and digital production, I build listening experiences for different genres and worlds. I love to tell stories and my designs reflect that. Every story has something to hear and everything heard has a story.


Next Steps...

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