Audio Designer

Audio designer specializing in video game audio and theatre.

Significant experience in QLab 3/4, Shure Microphone systems, Wwise, FMOD, Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, Izotope, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc.

Notable Experience:

Audio Engineering/Programming

Audio engineer and programmer specializing in live performance and video games

Significant experience in Unreal Engine 4 (C++/Blueprints), Unity3D (C#), QLab 3/4 (Audio/Video), Yamaha Audio Hardware, Behringer Audio Hardware, ClearCom, Shure Microphone Systems Pro Tools (Studio/WFH), Reaper (Ambisonics), Wwise API (C++), C, OOP, Runtime/Code Size Optimizations

Notable Experience:


Software Engineering and Audio Programming Research

My academic and research experience has been primarily in computer science related topics and audio programming. I have published research in how audio and haptics can be used to aid in accessibility features on gaming consoles. I also have current research projects at Loyola University Chicago related to Human-Computer Interaction and Reverberation Modeling for acoustic spaces within game environments.

Audio Direction

As a self employed designer and video game developer, I primarily serve in the role of Audio Director. I have experience expressing the production team's creative vision from the audio perspective and leading an audio team to create assets/compositions.

Video Game Design/Writing

I also lead a team independent video game developers ( as well as being the lead audio programmer and designer. This allows a full understanding of the design and production process as well as the ability to operate effectively within the sound discipline.

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