Concept Art

Sound concept art projects. Works are meant to serve as conceptualized sounds for my interpretation of the photo, animation, or concept.

Game Audio Samples

Videos with original game audio designs or redesigns done by me. Primary audio engine is Wwise integrated into Unity3D or the Unreal Engine.

Portfolio Soundcloud Playlist

A showcase of my academic and professional work. Includes pieces of some designs as well as demos.

Experimental Soundcloud Playlist

These designs have no real project to call home. I throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Lead Game Designer/Programmer

Walk in the Dark

Computer Science research project building on the combination of art and design by developing a sound design driven game. While many games include elements of sound design  to advance the narrative, this game uses sound design as its primary method of narrative drive.

[Unreal Engine 4 and WWise]

Lead Game Designer/Programmer

Aerial Heroes

A new take on the game genre of vehicular sports. Aerial Heroes puts the player in a high octane high speed plane to play capture the flag. Andrew leads the design and software engineering team to create a fun and fast paced game with interesting physics that allows for fun gameplay.

[Unity3D and WWise]

Sound Designer


The theatrical adaptation of George Orwell's 1984. The production team decided on creating an air of discomfort within the space and Andrew jumped right into it creating distant screams for the Ministry of Love, hollow footsteps for the Junkshop, and utilizing deafening silence to demonstrate how hostile and manipulative the Party truly is.


Other Design and Engineering Credits

  • Marie Antoinette and the Magical Negroes (The Story Theatre): Sound Designer
  • The Secretaries: A Parable (First Floor Theater): Sound Designer
  • Hippolytus (The Story Theatre): Sound Designer
  • Her Honor Jane Byrne (Lookingglass Theatre Company): Asst. Sound Engineer
  • Heroes (Loyola Dept. Fine and Performing Arts): Recording Engineer and Audio Editor
  • Steadfast Tin Soldier (Lookingglass Theatre Company): Asst. Sound Engineer
  • Frankenstein (Lookingglass Theatre Company): Interim Sound Supervisor
  • Failure: A Love Story (Loyola Dept. Fine and Performing Arts): Asst. Sound Designer
  • Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play (Loyola Dept. Fine and Performing Arts): Asst. Sound Designer
  • Tintypes (Loyola Dept. Fine and Performing Arts): Sound Designer